A recent study by independent analysts of the Association of European registries, also known as CENTR, dubbed ‘DomainWire Stat Report’, reported the number of active domain names on the Internet. According to statistics provided at the beginning of the fall of 2014 the total number of sites on the World Wide Web was more than 280 million names.

This shows an increase of 5 million domain names during the summer of this year. The total number of domain names at the end of August 2014 more than in the previous study by 2%. We remind you before such statistics was conducted in May 2014. The most interesting thing is that the number of domain names is increasing worldwide, especially in the areas of the upper level, and, with each reporting period are increasingly.

So, at the end of the summer of 2014 in the national online spaces in Europe there were over 65 million new web-sites. What can I say about the increase in the volume of domain names at least 0.3% compared with spring peers in statistical studies?

Still about 80% of existing domain names in the online space, the EU renewed its registration.

Most often, Europeans register new Internet resources in such domain zones as .BY. Here, a gain of 4.5% for the three summer months, in the national domain zone .pm Portugal – 2.9%, Norway .NO – 2.5%, Estonia .EE – 1.8%, as well as Iceland .IS – 1.7% /

The growth of European .eu domain for summer 2014 amounted to more than 5%. The most actively growing domain zones in the world assumed .DE (Germany), .CN (China) and .TK (Tokelau). They fill up the top three. But Russia’s national domain .RU occupies the sixth position in the world ranking of the fastest growing online spaces.