In December 2014 the Russian market of domains, as a number of other sectors of the domestic economy, summed up the results of the reporting period. As a result, analysts have been named the most popular domain zones, which started in 2014 under the project New gTLDs. Among them are Russian-language products, such as zone MOSCOW / .MOSKVA, .ONLAYN, .SAYT and .DETI and Latin domains .CLUB, .GURU, .CENTER, .TODAY and .XYZ. Relevant statistics have led experts of the analytical agency

Already in January 2015, according to the company’s employees, Russian-speaking segment of Internet users will be available to the new space – Domains, user-oriented, representing the sphere of sexual minorities, -.LGBT, a large-scale area – .WORLD, cosmic web space – .SPACE, energy domain – .ENERGY, area for parties – .PARTY, and “selling” zone .FORSALE.

We remind you that this year in the Russian segment of the Internet, there were about five hundred new top-level domains. Fifth of all newly opened in RuNet domains have names consisting of national language characters. Almost two hundred domains are now in a stage of delegation.

According to the above statistics of Webnames, 470 new areas of the Russian Internet has already registered about 3500 000 domain names that tells the incredible augmenting domestic Internet space. To achieve such rapid growth Runet managed, thanks to the project of the international company ICANN.

The biggest influence on the development of the Russian segment of the Internet in 2014 had reopened blast zone .MOSKVA, .ONLAYN, .SAYT and .DETI. Thus, the Cyrillic zone .MOSKVA became the main list of the most rapidly growing IDN-Russian Internet spaces, as well as one of the most popular domain zones cities in the world. Domain .MOSKVA in terms of growth ahead zone .PARIS.

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